Twizza Super School Series

What is it?

South Africa’s most prestigious Schools Athletics Competition, the Twizza Super School Athletics Series has one clear goal in mind – to crown South Africa’s best athletics school!

What We Do

All schools are invited to enter the Regional Qualifiers

Each school will be required to enter a team of 15 athletes across two age group U/16 and U/19

  1. A team consists of 15 athletes
  2. Each athlete can participate in max 2 individual events
  3. No more than 2 athletes per event in an age group
  4. At least 5 athletes per age group
  5. 2 x Entries into Sprint Event
  6. 2 x Entries in Middle Distance Event
  7. 2 x Entries into Jump Event
  8. 1 x Entry into Throw Event
  9. 1 X Entry into Hurdles Event
  10. 1 x team coach 
  11. 1 x  team manager

Twizza Super Schools Series Scoring Table is used to determine points.

Girls Competition, Boys Competition and Mixed Competition

The top 40 schools across both qualifiers will be entered into the GRAND FINALE in February 2020!

The winning school will claim the title of SA’s best school & the biggest trophy you have ever seen!

Twizza Super School Series

When & Where & What?

Regional Qualifiers Event #1

  • Bestmed Tuks Athletics Stadium, Pretoria, South Africa

Regional Qualifiers Event #2

  • Green Point Athletics Stadium, Cape Town, South Africa

Grand Finale Event

  • Bestmed Tuks Athletics Stadium, Pretoria, South Africa
  • Gauteng: 10 September 2019
  • Western Cape: 1 October 2019
  • National Final: 20 January 2020

Events to Enter

High Res (110)
  • Category 1:

Sprints (2 x Individual Entries Required)

U/16 100m Boys & Girls

U/16 200m Boys & Girls

U/16 400m Boys & Girls

U/19 100m Boys & Girls

U/19 200m Boys & Girls

U/19 400m Boys & Girls

  • Category 2:

Middle Distance (2 x Individual Entries Required)

U/16 800m Boys & Girls

U/16 1500m Boys & Girls

U/19 800m Boys & Girls

U/19 1500m Boys & Girls

High Res (108)
  • Category 3:


U/16 Long Jump Boys & Girls

U/16 High Jump Boys & Girls

U/16 Triple Jump Boys & Girls

U/19 Long Jump Boys & Girls

U/19 High Jump Boys & Girls

U/19 Triple Jump Boys & Girls

  • Category 4:


U/16 Javelin Boys & Girls

U/16 Discuss Boys & Girls

U/16 Shotput Boys & Girls

U/19 Javelin Boys & Girls

U/19 Discuss Boys & Girls

U/19 Shotput Boys & Girls

  • Category 5:


U/16 100m Hurdles Girls

1/16 110m Hurdles Boys

U/16 400m Hurdles Boys & Girls

U/19 100m Hurdles Girls

1/19 110m Hurdles Boys

U/19 400m Hurdles Boys & Girls

Twizza Super School Series


The title of South Africa’s BEST SCHOOL and the Biggest Trophy your trophy cabinet has ever seen!

The Top 10 schools per category will receive a trophy:

  • Female Winners
  • Male Winners
  • Combined Winners

Individual Award Trophies:

  • Best Male Track Athlete

  • Best Male Field Athlete

  • Best Female Track Athlete

  • Best Female Field Athlete

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